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Spotlight On: Kate Botterell

Escrow Kate the great has been knocking things out of the Real Estate park for 22 years when she started as a TC/Receptionist in the Biz. She got started on her journey in Del Mar in the fabulous San Diego area and lucky for us she worked her way up to Temecula. When Kate is not Killing it in the Escrow Biz she loves to spend her time hanging out with her girlfriends and her adorable pup Frankie. Kate is also a Big Time Bravo TV junkie! Who doesn't love to see what the Housewives are up to or see what Jax, Lisa, and Ariana's new drama is on the Vanderpump Rules?

One thing you may not know about this Blonde Beauty is that she was born in Toronto Canada! She came to the US in 1980 when her parents had decided they needed a change of scenery. I bet those White Christmas are missed but not the shoving of the snow! If you truly know Kate you know she has a big heart and is always willing to help out a client, friend, co-worker, and any charitable organization! Even her sweet Frankie was adopted from a local dog rescue and now spends his days hanging out in the office being spoiled by his mama! I

f you have had the pleasure of working with Kate then you know she has amazing back up from her team mates Chanda and Joy! Together they are a dynamic force that brings commitment, dedication, and outstanding service to every transaction! We are so thrilled she calls Escrow321 her home away from home! Kate thank you for being part of the Escrow321 Family!!! @escrowkate

A few words of admiration from Kate's assistant Chanda:

What is there to say about Kate?! We would need a whole extra month of spotlight to fit it all in! Kate is the most kindest, sweetest person I have ever met. With a heart of gold and a personality bigger than the moon, she is one the most important people in my life. Kate has taught me so many wonderful things about this business and has truly shaped me and my career into what it is today. Her hard work ethic and professionalism speak volumes and every client is treated as a VIP every day. I look up to Kate as a mentor, an Escrow Officer, a fearless Leader, a Boss, and most importantly, a dear friend. Anyone and everyone who knows Kate is immediately drawn to her radiant energy, sparkling smile and contagious laugh. I am blessed to work along side such an amazing person and learn from her every day. 

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