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Escrow is a neutral 3rd party tasked with facilitating the process of transferring property from one party to another.

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  • Buyers & Sellers submit signed real estate purchase agreement and relevant documents to Escrow, usually through their real estate agents

  • Escrow sends out escrow instructions and related documents for Buyers & Sellers to complete and sign

  • Escrow orders Title and other third-party services

  • Escrow collects Buyers' initial deposit

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  • Buyers & Sellers return completed and signed escrow documents to Escrow

  • Escrow works with all third-party vendors to complete services

  • Escrow initiates process to pay off Sellers' existing loans

  • Escrow coordinates with Buyers' new Lender to satisfy all loan conditions and order loan documents

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  • Third-party services are completed, Escrow collects invoices

  • Buyers' loan conditions are met, loan documents signed, Escrow requests loan to be funded

  • Escrow finalizes Settlement & Closing statements

  • Buyers wire closing funds to Escrow

  • Escrow authorizes and sets up Title recording

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  • Escrow confirms Title has been recorded

  • Sellers' existing loans payed off

  • Escrow disburses funds to all parties

  • Escrow sends final documents to all parties

  • Congratulations, your Escrow is now closed!


Why we do what we do....the part that we love the most, and that keeps us coming back for more is you. Yes, you! Whether you are an Agent, Buyer or a Seller, we love helping you navigate your escrow transaction. We love to hear your story about how hard you worked to save for your first home, or how you need to move to a bigger home because you are expecting your 2nd child. We even love to hear about how you have been struggling, or going through a tough time, and that we were able to make things easier for you by walking you through your Escrow process. Hearing your voice filled with excitement when we tell you that we have officially closed escrow carries us through our day, and reminds us why we wouldn't want to do anything else!

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