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Mayra Cerda  

Escrow Sales

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About Mayra

As an experienced Realtor®, Mayra thrives in sales and naturally excels in the escrow marketplace. Her ability to communicate fluently in both English and Spanish ensures she effectively caters to a diverse range of clients. Her expertise is not just in overseeing transactions but in understanding the unique requirements of each client, while providing personalized service. Mayra's approach is rooted in building strong, trust-based relationships and she is committed to each client throughout the process keeping all parties informed and supported every step of the way. Her presence at escrow321 enhances the capacity to deliver top-tier escrow solutions, making her an incredible asset to both the team and the clients. When she's not hustling escrow, you'll find Mayra hanging out with her two sons or finding the perfect shade of red for her gorgeous locks!

What people are saying about Mayra

Integrity, Reliable, Convenient, Strong Work Ethic and Commitment to Excellence are just a few of the words I would use to describe my interactions with everyone I've come into contact with at escrow321.

The most fantastic escrow company in town to work with! They are always willing to help anything weird that pops up in a transaction and are some of the kindest people in the industry. They are an absolute blessing to the Real Estate industry.

Awesome! Great job on this on everybody, super fast closing for a refinance with appraisal!! Thank you for the referral, we sincerely appreciate it 😊

This company is stacked with veteran Escrow officers and their assistants who know how to get it done for you! When I need them, they are there for me even if that means a Sunday morning phone call. As a Realtor my team needs to work as one, and I know with these ladies my clients will receive that first class service they deserve. Keep it up ladies!!

Really enjoyed the experience with this team. They went above and beyond to get our home into escrow

meeting our tough deadline.

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