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Team Stacy Marino

Stacy Marino

Senior Escrow Officer

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About Stacy

Stacy Marino Escrow extraordinaire comes to us packed with 29 years of escrow expertise! Her background in Residential, Refinance, Commercial, and Seller carry backs is stellar! Being born in Minnesota means she has a hard working Midwestern work ethic and of course she’s a big Viking’s Fan! Being the mom of 3 grown children gives Stacy the chance to now enjoy her passion to Travel. Her favorite spots so far are Quebec, Nashville, Hawaii and New York and  she is hoping someday to add Sweden and Normandy to her list. When Stacy is not slaying the escrow game you can find her out walking Maggie her Golden Retriever, riding her bike or dancing at a live music event. If you have had the pleasure of working with Stacy then you know she is super dedicated to her clients and always on top of things which makes her a perfect fit for the Escrow321 team!

What people are saying about Stacy

Stacy Marino has been my Escrow Officer for years now. I met her back with the 2008 recession had started. She has a motor and never quits, she works all hours of the day. I like escrow321's service, their fees are great, and Stacy responds quickly on every phone call and email. She's the best!

Stacy Marino and her team did a great job closing a purchase transaction for my buyers.
I'm a lender and had never worked with Stacy before but I have to say that she was great in all areas of the transaction.

Stacy Marino has been my escrow officer for years now. I met her back when the 2008 recession had started. She has a motor and never quits, she works all hours of the day.  I like Escrow321's service,  their fees are great, and Stacy responds quickly on every phone call and email. She is the best!

Stacy Marino did an outstanding job during our home purchase.  We were actually in escrow for two properties at the same time.  Both opened and closed a few days apart, with two different owners, two different agents, and two different escrow companies.  Crazy? Yes! .. Stressful? Absolutely! .. I had papers to review and sign, coming out of both my ears.  You can image how many people I had to deal with during this time -  agents, escrow officers, inspectors, termite guys, etc.  Now times that by two, with twice the number of documents, twice the number of emails, and 2x the phone calls.  And both were 15 day escrows to boot.  I can honestly say of all the people I worked with during this time, Stacy was by far the best!!  She answered all my phone calls and responded to every email instantly.  I called her so many times and sent her so many emails, she never gave me any impression that I was bothering her.  She was ALWAYS happy to help!  Her responsiveness came out to be so huge for us, given how fast things were moving and with so many parts!  I was so grateful to have her.  The other escrow officer for the other property, on the other hand, wasn't even nearly as responsive.  She took a lot longer to get back to me.  Emails took a little longer to reply.  When I called, I always had to leave a message, never was able to speak to her right away, for sure not on the first phone call.  I was able to make a complete list of "recommended" and "not recommended" from this experience with all the people I came across.  And for those on the "recommend" list, I will definitely be keeping their phone numbers for future reference for myself, as well as to share with my friends and family.  And Stacy is at the top of that list.  She was truly the lone bright spot in this dreadful experience.  TY Stace, keep doing what you're doing!!!

Stacy Marino and the staff are awesome. Always working with a smile. :)

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