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Spotlight On: Finnae Lanni

Escrow321 Spotlight....Finnae Lanni

Let us introduce you to the newest member of the Escrow321 Team!

Finnae Lanni came to us with her team from Orange County 🍊where she started in the Escrow biz in 1997 and has been impressing clients with her knowledge, 👩‍🎓expertise, and service ever since. This fabulous gal does not like to sit still and let any grass grow🌱 under her feet, she likes to spend her spare time camping and traveling🏝 with her beautiful family. She really has an eye for design and enjoys shopping 👡and decorating as well! If you have had the pleasure of working with Finnae and her fabulous team then you know what a trustworthy and incredible professional 💖 she is when handling your escrow transactions!

We are so thrilled to honor Finnae in our spotlight this month! 💐

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