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MARCH: Housing Market Update

Have you seen the latest CA & Riverside Market Stats?!?!?!?! #jawdrop

In March, the median home price in California increased almost 24% year over year & it's the 8th straight month that we've seen a double-digit gain. This is not a fire drill people, when we say the market is hot, we mean it's HOTHOT!

CA Listings are flying off the market in just 8 days and only 10 days for Riverside County! #byefelicia 👋 While intense homebuying interest is the engine that continues to drive housing demand, a shortage of homes for sale is the 🚀 rocket fuel pushing prices higher across the state. Lack of homes for sale is creating unprecedented market competition, leading to a record share of homes selling above asking price in March. FUN FACT: 75% of homes in California are selling above asking price right now.

Get in front of your clients >> BE THE RESOURCE << With all this info at your fingertips, why are you still staring at the screen?! GO spread the knowledge, shout it from the rooftops, tell all your friends, family and clients that NOW is the time to sell!!

>> California <<

MARCH 2020

$612,440 Median Home Price

15 Days on Market

MARCH 2021

$758,990 Median Home Price

8 Days on Market

>> Riverside <<

MARCH 2020

$435,000 Median Home Price

29 Days on Market

MARCH 2021

$535,000 Median Home Price

10 Days on Market


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