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Spotlight on : Kristen Gabel

Let us introduce you to Kristen Gabel!

Kristen got her first take on the Real Estate Industry working for a friends dad who was a Mortgage Broker in the San Diego and made the decision to move to Temecula in 99 where she started killing it in the escrow game! She has been rocking this Real Estate industry for 23 Years! She is a true Rock Star when it comes to doing escrow! If you have had the pleasure of working with her you know this girl always goes above and beyond to get the job done with a smile on her face, making sure every little detail is covered. When she is not rocking out the escrow game you will find her on the soccer or football field cheering on her greatest accomplishments... her 2 beautiful daughters and sweet baby boy! She also spends her off time with her hubby (whom she met in the 8th grade) hanging out on the beach or snuggling her 3 pups on the couch at home! And although she only stands about 5️ feet tall don't ever tell her there is something she can't do because she will prove you wrong! She may spend some late nights at the escrow desk but never misses her 5 am call to spin class! All around Kristen is the all American girl Fun, outgoing, hard worker, and energetic! Who doesn't adore this pint size package of sweetness!

We truly are blessed she choose Escrow321 ❤️💙 to be her home away from home! Her energy is so vibrant!

A little love from one of Kristen's Team Mates...

Kristen and I first met in 2002 when I started as a receptionist in escrow and she was working as an assistant to a busy escrow desk. Watching her go from an assistant to where she is now, a kick butt escrow officer running a very successful desk, has been a true pleasure! She continuously put's in the hard work, timeless hours and dedication that has gotten her to where she is today! The 7 years I've worked on Kristen’s Team has taught me so much about this business as well as helped shape me into the person I am today. Not only am I lucky to call her my boss and mentor, I have honestly been blessed with a true friend that I can call family! Her customer service, efficiency, professionalism, and hard work she puts into every transaction is admirable. Kristen wears many “hats” and she wears them ALL so well! She is an incredible wife, amazing mother to 3 beautiful children, and beautiful friend to many! Every morning “in her spare time she gets a good workout in at her spin class! Anything and everything Kristen does she puts her whole heart❤ and soul into as she is truly one of a kind with a heart as big as our universe. She has a special way of making each and every person feel special! If our world had more Kristen’s in it, it would definitely be a better place! Cheers my friend and thank you for all you have done for me! You mean the world to me & YOU so deserve this spotlight!

Your Friend and trusted Team Mate, Beth


10 Things I admire about my BOSS, my CO-WORKER and I’m Lucky to say MY FRIEND.

1. You have a great sense of humor. 2. You are one smart cookie. 3. Your aka is FUN SIZE for a reason. 4. You are strong. 5. You speak words that sound like a poem. 6. You’re just as beautiful inside as you are out. 7. Your fur babies are lucky to have you as their mummy. 8. You inspire others to make a difference every day. 9. You are an extraordinary example of what an amazing mom is. 10. On a scale from 1-10, you’re an 1️1.

I appreciate you. Thank you for always being there to help and guide me.


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