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Team James Eidlhuber

James Eidlhuber 

Escrow Officer

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About James

James kicked off the Y2K era by jumping into the wild world of Escrow. He has since grown in the industry and processes transactions from commercial to refinance, to relocation and more. James truly enjoys helping clients through the momentous occasion of home buying and takes heart to the stories of his buyers' and sellers'. When he's not closing Escrows, he's happy playing basketball, exercising or spending time with his kids. James recently took up surfing which matches his easy-going, cool personality that reflects in the way he interacts with his clients.

What people are saying about James

James consistently exceeds expectations. He has the most professional team around.  I would recommend them to everyone that wants a smooth, drama free and delightful escrow experience.

Escrow 321 was amazing to me! I am a local Realtor and deal with 30+ transactions with different escrow companies all year. I can say first hand they are a top tier escrow company. I would definitely recommend them to my clients and other realtor friends. Glad I got to work with these ladies and get my house closed on! Start to finish was smooth easy and efficient.

James Eidlhuber, the escrow officer was incredible.I have had several transactions with him. In this latest, we hit some last minute snags. His prompt attention to detail and responses to our needs helped avert a potential disaster. Can't wait to work with him and his team again!

Really enjoyed the experience with this team. They went above and beyond to get our home into escrow

meeting our tough deadline.

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